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  • 200-series Avant Loaders

    200-series Avant Loaders

    Designed for: modern, active people; expert, recreational gardeners; landscaping and groundcare professionals.

  • 2000L Water Trailer

  • 2500L Water Truck

  • 3 Point Hitch Adaptor

    3 Point Hitch Adaptor

    Move agricultural tractor attachments with ease

  • 300-series Avant Loaders

    300-series Avant Loaders

    The skid steer Avant 300-Series turns on the spot and is therefore very useful in tight situations where space is limited. Thanks to a robust and uncomplicated design, it is a very strong machine and also an economical choice for jobs where a skid steer loader is at its best: on hard surfaces.

  • 4 in 1 Bucket

    An efficient multi-purpose bucket – can be used as a normal bucket as well as a dozer blade, leveller or a grab.

  • 400-series Avant Loaders

    400-series Avant Loaders

    This is the machine customers have been asking for: a compact, economical multi-purpose loader with a diesel engine that has enough power to tackle the jobs all year round.

  • 4400L Water Truck

  • 500-SERIES Avant Loaders

    A brilliant machine for arborists, landscapers, property maintenance, material handling and do-it-yourself jobs like small-scale earthmoving, material handling, sweeping, trenching and lawn mowing.

  • 5000L Water Tank

  • 600-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The Avant 600-Series loaders are ideal for landscaping, farming and efficient material handling. It’s a versatile compact loader allowing you to easily manage many jobs with one single machine.

  • 700-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The Avant 700-Series range of loaders have been further developed to benefit the user with improved work efficiency and manoeuverability, incredible versatility, great ergonomics and safety features.

  • 800-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The NEW Avant 800 Series are the largest and most powerful loaders on the market. Versatile yet hard working these compact Loaders get the job done.

  • All – Round Grapple

    This versatile tool can be used for lifting and transporting of many different types of materials which cannot be handled with a normal bucket or pallet fork.

  • Asphalt Grinder

    It grinds away the asphalt surface up to 80 mm depth, making repair of potholes, utility cuts, small overlays and edge repairs fast and easy.

  • ASV RT-40 Skidsteer

    The PT – 50 has a 60 H.P Turbo charged engine, is only 1525mm wide.