Root Grapple

Grab and handle tree trunks, rocks and debris, and tear roots from the ground with ease.

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Strong and versatile root grapple for the tree industry and more.


With two models available, the Avant root grapple is a versatile addition to anyone working in the tree industry or in any job where different types of debris needs to be handled.

The root grapple allows you to tear roots from the ground or grab and handle tree trunks, rocks, branches and a variety of other debris. The strong steel bars on the bottom of the grapple allow soil and smaller debris to fall to the ground keeping your wood chipper cleaner when feeding wood into it.

The narrower model has one grapple, while the wider model has two and on both models, the hydraulic cylinders and hoses are well protected with metal covers.

Technical Features

Number of grapples12
Recommended aux. hyr. oil flow15-30l/min15-30l/min
Max. au. hydr. oil flow35l/min 225bar35l/min 225bar
Product no.A429058A37537


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