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The Avant mini digger. An efficient solution for small digging operations.

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Avant Mini Digger for Small Digging operations.


Avant mini digger is an efficient solution for small digging operations where maximum digging depth of 1200 mm or 1500 mm is enough and digging is not an everyday work. It mounts directly on the quick attach plate of the loader and is operated with the auxiliary hydraulics control lever, or with the buttons of the optional joystick if fitted. Dumping to the side is happens by turning the steering wheel of the Avant.

Mini digger 150 is equipped with the S30 bucket quick attach system (same as on backhoe 260), which makes changing of bucket fast and easy – and the bucket can also be mounted pointing forward if necessary. Bucket tilt adapter for mini digger 150 is available as an option.

The new mini digger 120 is intended for new 200 series 2 mainly – the angle of its quick attach bracket is best suited for 200 series boom, but it can be mounted on other Avants as well if needed.

  • Efficient and economical solution for smaller digging jobs
  • Very fast to mount on Avant
  • Simple and light to transport from job site to another
  • High unloading height
  • Material can easily be transported further away
  • Bucket tilt adapter available as an option for mini digger 150
  • Various size buckets available, with bolt-on teeth/straight edge or with straight edge only

Technical Features

1201200 mm250 mm70 kgA36822
1501500 mmNo bucket*85 kgA36856

* to be selected


MODELBucket 250 mm with teethBucket 400 mm with teethBucket 750 mm straight edgeBucket 1000 mm straight edge1000 mm kauha
120A415232 (std. bucket)A415230A35564

Please call for compatibility with different machines.

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