Avant Loaders

Loaded with options to maximise solutions and minimise time

From the dairy farmer to the home landscaper, AVANT loaders let you lift, push, pull and move loads year-round with ease.

The versatility of an AVANT loader is unmatched; it can be used to replace your quad bike, ride on mower and wheelbarrow, or can transport loose materials, timber, pallets and big bags on construction sites. Go almost anywhere outdoors with excellent all-terrain capabilities and visibility, or move through narrow indoor corridors thanks to sharp turning ability and easy handling.

With over 100 attachments available, you determine the perfect combination to suit your needs. AVANT loaders are powerful yet lightweight, and multi-purpose yet economical – it’s simply a smarter way of working.

Avant, a smarter way of working. A loader with unmatched versatility with over 100 attachments available to get you through any job with ease. Smart, quality Finnish design and construction ensures a wise investment that will keep on performing to the high standards you require.

  • Versatility: Avant is not only a wheeled loader but also a forklift truck, backhoe, hydraulic generator and demolition machine.
  • High lift capacity and compact dimensions.
  • Excellent all terrain capabilities – can go almost anywhere.
  • Safety –  ROPS frame and FOPS canopy, excellent visibility and low center of gravity.
  • Easy to transport from one work site to another.
  • Low unladen weight allows working inside buildings as well, also on floors with limited load capacity.
  • Excellent, unrestricted field of vision to the attachment and working area.

If you are in the market for a loader, you must trial an Avant. Call us now to get a demonstration at your place of business – anywhere in New Zealand.

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  • 200-series Avant Loaders

    200-series Avant Loaders

    Designed for: modern, active people; expert, recreational gardeners; landscaping and groundcare professionals.

  • 300-series Avant Loaders

    300-series Avant Loaders

    The skid steer Avant 300-Series turns on the spot and is therefore very useful in tight situations where space is limited. Thanks to a robust and uncomplicated design, it is a very strong machine and also an economical choice for jobs where a skid steer loader is at its best: on hard surfaces.

  • 400-series Avant Loaders

    400-series Avant Loaders

    This is the machine customers have been asking for: a compact, economical multi-purpose loader with a diesel engine that has enough power to tackle the jobs all year round.

  • 500-SERIES Avant Loaders

    A brilliant machine for arborists, landscapers, property maintenance, material handling and do-it-yourself jobs like small-scale earthmoving, material handling, sweeping, trenching and lawn mowing.

  • 600-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The Avant 600-Series loaders are ideal for landscaping, farming and efficient material handling. It’s a versatile compact loader allowing you to easily manage many jobs with one single machine.

  • 700-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The Avant 700-Series range of loaders have been further developed to benefit the user with improved work efficiency and manoeuverability, incredible versatility, great ergonomics and safety features.

  • 800-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The NEW Avant 800 Series are the largest and most powerful loaders on the market. Versatile yet hard working these compact Loaders get the job done.

  • E-series Avant Loaders

    Avant was the first manufacturer to introduce a full-electric, battery-powered compact loader series to the market. Full electric loader with zero-emission and extremely low noise is the answer to future demands.

  • R-series Avant Loaders

    R-series Avant Loaders

    The Avant R-Series are articulated loaders with the driver’s seat in the rear chassis. Compared to other Avant loaders they have even more visibility, lift capacity and turning capabilities.