AVANT Loaders Attachments

Your loader the way you need it.

The versatility of the AVANT loader is brought to life and enhanced with over 100 available attachments, giving you the power to create a combination perfect for your job.

The basic attachments range includes buckets, pallet forks, blades, masts and tilt adapters, and there are attachments specifically designed for construction, landscaping and digging, wood processing, property maintenance, beekeeping, and farming. Turn the loader into a lawnmower, trencher or wood chipper, add a compressor or beehive mover, or transport loads across the site with an attachable trailer.

Made in Finland the Avant Loader range offers unparalleled flexibility, reliability and workability. Speed up your wood processing work for Arborists, or get into tight corners and difficult places for construction work. Whatever it is you need to do there is an Avant Loader for you.

There are 7 models in the Avant Range with each increasing in it’s ability to help across a wide range of industries. Add to that the attachments and you know there is a solution for your line of work. If you are interested in how an Avant can help speed up your workflow, create efficiencies in your line of work, or simply help out around the yard the CALL us on 0800 453 627 and we can arrange a demonstration at your place or ours.

With AVANT attachments, the choice is yours.