Landscaping / Digging

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  • Rotary Hoe

    Avant rotary hoe is the best basic attachment for soil cultivating, seed bed finishing and rotating. Adjustable cultivating depth is up to 150 mm. The Rotary Hoe can also be equipped with a field roller which compacts the ground after cultivating.

  • Screening Bucket

    The purpose of the screening bucket is to separate the larger and smaller particles from the soil and not crush the larger material into smaller particles.

  • Site Toolbox

    The site toolbox allows you to transport tools around your worksite or property easily and safely.

  • Stone Burier

    This is a professional hydraulic stone burier for preparation of lawn beds of all sizes. Stone buriers are most commonly used when the topsoil needs to be milled thoroughly. The soil is milled more thoroughly and deeper than with a rotary harrow.

  • Stone Grab

    The mechanical stone grab is simple to mount on the Avant jib boom. Due to it’s powerful gripping force it can handle concrete components, kerb stones, natural stones, tombstones etc.

  • Stone Installation Clamp

    With this hydraulic stone installation clamp you can lay paving stones very quickly and efficiently.

  • Stump Grinder

    Avant stump grinder is an efficient and easy to operate tree stump remover.

  • Submersible Pump

    With the submersible pump you’ll be able to pump water from trenches, wells and pits as deep as 20m.

  • Tipping Trailer

    Avant tipping trailer is a necessity when transporting garden waste, top soil and mulch. This strong, compact trailer is equipped with hydraulic tipping.

  • Trencher

    With Avant trencher you can easily dig very narrow trenches without damaging the ground on the digging area.

  • XL High Tip Bucket

    This bucket is an ideal tool for removal of snow, loading of wood chips and for loading works on recycling plants etc.