Landscaping / Digging

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  • Flail Mower

    The blades on the flail mower shaft move freely, so in case they hit a solid obstacle they will give in rather than break. This saves the blades costs when cutting in an unfamiliar place.

  • Flail Mower with Hydraulic Boom

    making the mowing of road banks, ditches, waterfronts and other hard-to-reach areas safe and very simple.

  • Front Rake

    Front rake is an uncomplicated and economical attachment for levelling of sand and gravel driveways.

  • General Bucket

    General Bucket

    All round bucket, suitable for almost every shovelling job

  • Grabbing Tool

    The grabbing tool attachment is mainly intended for the lifting and handling of round objects. It is especially suited for lifting barrels and plant and tree pots.

  • Heavy Duty General Bucket

    Avant heavy duty general buckets are available with widths starting from 1300 mm.

  • High Tip Bucket

    Equipped with a hydraulic cylinder that pushes and tips the bucket over its front edge, which gives considerably more tipping height than with a normal bucket.

  • Lawn Mower 1200

    Equipped with the OptifloatTM floating system, developed by Avant, which guarantees optimal touch with the ground also on uneven lawns.

  • Lawn Mower 1500

    Avant’s biggest lawn mower is intended for professional lawn mowing on larger areas. The mower can be modified for different circumstances.

  • Leveller

    A simple and inexpensive but incredibly useful and efficient attachment for levelling and planing of larger areas.

  • Levelling Bucket

    The new levelling buckets are stronger and completely plain inside, which makes filling and emptying easier. They are also larger than the earlier models.

  • Light Material Bucket

    Light material buckets are intended for handling of e.g. snow, saw dust, manure, wood chips and other light materials.

  • Mini Digger

    The Avant mini digger. An efficient solution for small digging operations.

  • Multi-Function Drive Unit

    With the multi-function drive unit you can attach a concrete mixing drum, rotary hoe, carousel broom and so much more to your loader.

  • Ripper

    With the ripper attachment it’s easy and effortless to remove roots as well as rocks from even hard packed ground.

  • Rotary Harrow

    Avant rotary harrow is an excellent leveler for lawn beds, yards, gardens etc. – for places where the ground needs to be perfectly levelled. It harrows only the topsoil and gives a very nice finish for sowing.