Landscaping / Digging

The best, most versatile loader for any landscaper. 

AVANT machines are powerful tools for the landscaper that will impress on any job it is needed for. The multipurpose loader will move, lift, carry, dig, split materials and more!

With a telescopic loader boom, Landscapers can increase their scope to new heights and lift more while the contemporary off-centre boom construction guarantees unrivalled, unrestricted visibility, removing the need to reach out from the driver’s seat to see where the attachment is. The dimensions, auxiliary hydraulics output and other features of Avant work with the attachments, dependably achieving maximum output.

There’s also plenty of power for all the heavyweight jobs required, such as handling pallets of bricks or blocks and stone pallets. Dispersing surface materials, such as crushed stone and stone dust, is quick and effective with Avant. The Avant loader has been claimed by some in the industry to be the best loader for any landscaper.

Hydrostatic transmission and the joystick-operated telescopic boom adds control, precision and helps you to create an exceptional finish.

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  • 4 in 1 Bucket

    An efficient multi-purpose bucket – can be used as a normal bucket as well as a dozer blade, leveller or a grab.

  • 500-SERIES Avant Loaders

    A brilliant machine for arborists, landscapers, property maintenance, material handling and do-it-yourself jobs like small-scale earthmoving, material handling, sweeping, trenching and lawn mowing.

  • 600-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The Avant 600-Series loaders are ideal for landscaping, farming and efficient material handling. It’s a versatile compact loader allowing you to easily manage many jobs with one single machine.

  • 700-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The Avant 700-Series range of loaders have been further developed to benefit the user with improved work efficiency and manoeuverability, incredible versatility, great ergonomics and safety features.

  • 800-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The NEW Avant 800 Series are the largest and most powerful loaders on the market. Versatile yet hard working these compact Loaders get the job done.

  • Auger

    Powerful hydraulic auger with many different drill diameters to suit various tasks, be it post hole boring, tree transplanting etc.

  • Backhoe 170

    Avant Backhoe 170 is perfect for tight situations and less experienced users.

  • Backhoe 210

    Avant Backhoe 210 is a completely new model, which combines good ergonomics, compact dimensions and good handling.

  • Backhoe 260

    Backhoe 260 is a brand new backhoe model from Avant and it replaces the old backhoe of 220/250 series.

  • Collecting Lawn Mower 1200

    Using the Avant collecting mower 1200 you can easily do the mowing and collect the clippings. Thanks to its excellent suction power you can also collect leaves from the lawn.

  • Collecting Lawn Mower 1500

    This collecting mower has been designed for professional use with 1500 mm cutting width and 800 litre collector box. The high suction power makes it also possible to collect tree leaves on lawns.

  • Concrete Mixing Bucket

    Concrete mixing bucket is a handy tool when you need to make concrete without electricity or when you need to transport or lift the concrete to a place hard to access.

  • Cutting Bar

    An uncomplicated cutting bar for mowing of hay, grass and trimming of bushes and hedges.

  • Dozer Blade 1400

    Equipped with hydraulic blade turning, this is the ideal tool for snow removal, earthmoving and similar jobs where the materials must be dozed away quickly.

  • Dozer Blade 2000

    The dozer blade 2000 features a completely new design. The blade is higher and more curved and moves material more efficiently to the side.

  • Fingerbar Mower with Hydraulic Boom

    This is a very versatile attachment for hedge cutting, long hay mowing etc. The hydraulically operated boom gives excellent outreach, and it can also be extended to both sides of the machine.