Construction / Civil

The most reliable, flexible and robust construction machinery available.

Avant and Ausa have a range of machines suited for a wide variety of construction jobs. Thanks to their adaptability, maneuverability and power, Avant Loaders and Ausa Dumpers, Forklifts & Loaders can take care of numerous jobs in a variety of different stages of the construction process in new building projects, renovations or demolition.

The Avant Loader is compact and light and is suitable for working inside or outside of buildings. Due to its small size, it can be lifted to upper level floors, and the hydraulics output allows you to make use of our wide range of attachments on the same basic loader.

On site, Avant and Ausa Machines can access extremely compact spots and can also be lifted onto higher floors from selected lift-up spots. Avant and Ausa’s low usage and repair costs are a substantial advantage particularly in labour intensive and rigorous construction projects.

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  • 4 in 1 Bucket

    An efficient multi-purpose bucket – can be used as a normal bucket as well as a dozer blade, leveller or a grab.

  • 500-SERIES Avant Loaders

    A brilliant machine for arborists, landscapers, property maintenance, material handling and do-it-yourself jobs like small-scale earthmoving, material handling, sweeping, trenching and lawn mowing.

  • 600-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The Avant 600-Series loaders are ideal for landscaping, farming and efficient material handling. It’s a versatile compact loader allowing you to easily manage many jobs with one single machine.

  • 700-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The Avant 700-Series range of loaders have been further developed to benefit the user with improved work efficiency and manoeuverability, incredible versatility, great ergonomics and safety features.

  • 800-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The NEW Avant 800 Series are the largest and most powerful loaders on the market. Versatile yet hard working these compact Loaders get the job done.

  • All – Round Grapple

    This versatile tool can be used for lifting and transporting of many different types of materials which cannot be handled with a normal bucket or pallet fork.

  • Asphalt Grinder

    It grinds away the asphalt surface up to 80 mm depth, making repair of potholes, utility cuts, small overlays and edge repairs fast and easy.

  • Ball Hitch on Front

    An easier way to move trailers, trailer mounted work platforms, boats on trailer etc. on yards.

  • C11M 4WD Forklift

    The AUSA C11M rough terrain forklift is a compact, light, robust machine with great yield and reliable 4 speed mechanical transmission. Capable of lifting up to 1300kg, power is supplied via a reliable water-cooled, Kubota diesel engine.

  • Cold Planer Mp300

    The strong and efficient cold planer (asphalt grinder) is an ideal attachment for asphalt road and pavement repairs and utility jobs.

  • Compressor

    With the multi-use AVANT compressor you can fill tyres, operate pneumatic power tools and clean big machines on the go.

  • Concrete Mixing Bucket

    Concrete mixing bucket is a handy tool when you need to make concrete without electricity or when you need to transport or lift the concrete to a place hard to access.

  • Cutter Crusher

    With the cutter crusher you will be able to crush concrete, brick etc. and cut the metal rebars into convenient pieces with the same tool.

  • Demolition Grapple Bucket

    The demolition grapple bucket with two hydraulic grapples is a strong and versatile attachment for handling of construction and demolition waste.

  • Disc scraper

    Disc scraper

    Disc scraper is an excellent and cost efficient tool for removing carpet and vinyl

  • Drum Type Concrete Mixer

    Avant Concrete mixing drum is a very handy tool when you need to make concrete without electricity or when you need to transport or lift the concrete to a place that is hard to reach.