Take the load off your body, speed up workflow and make more money.

One of the most difficult aspects of an Arborists job, is the tough physical labour needed. All the heavy lifting is hard on their backs, they are completely spent by the end of the day and tasks sometimes take too long to complete.

Avant Loaders compact loader series are here to assist arborists in carrying, moving, digging, leveling, grabing, grinding and spliting materials better than ever while being gentle on delicate surfaces with little risk of damaging them.

With a telescopic loader boom, arborists are able to get to new heights and have greater outreach. While the boom self-levelling makes load handling faster, the articulated design allows accurate sideways moving of the load in constricted situations.

Despite the increase in power, comfort and adaptability, Avant hasn’t compromised on safety. From the load sensor system, which provides a loud warning if the rear wheels are about to lift off the ground, to the Avant quick hitch system allowing simple, safe and swift attachment coupling. The Avant Loader Series are the best loader on the market for Arborists and Tree Loppers.

Check out the video below to see how your business can benefit from an Avant Loader.

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  • 500-SERIES Avant Loaders

    A brilliant machine for arborists, landscapers, property maintenance, material handling and do-it-yourself jobs like small-scale earthmoving, material handling, sweeping, trenching and lawn mowing.

  • 600-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The Avant 600-Series loaders are ideal for landscaping, farming and efficient material handling. It’s a versatile compact loader allowing you to easily manage many jobs with one single machine.

  • 700-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The Avant 700-Series range of loaders have been further developed to benefit the user with improved work efficiency and manoeuverability, incredible versatility, great ergonomics and safety features.

  • 800-SERIES Avant Loaders

    The NEW Avant 800 Series are the largest and most powerful loaders on the market. Versatile yet hard working these compact Loaders get the job done.

  • Firewood Machine

    With the firewood machine you can easily make firewood for your own needs.

  • Heavy Duty General Bucket

    Avant heavy duty general buckets are available with widths starting from 1300 mm.

  • Light Material Bucket

    Light material buckets are intended for handling of e.g. snow, saw dust, manure, wood chips and other light materials.

  • Log Cutter/Splitter

    Avant log cutter/splitter is a simple, useful firewood making machine. It combines a chain saw and a hydraulic log splitter.

  • Log Grab

    With the log grab you can lift and transport single logs or small timber bundles.

  • Log Grab – Heavy Duty

    The grab takes a firm grip on the wood and the lower tines are also better formed for grabbing bigger tree trunks.

  • Log Splitter

    Avant log splitter is the perfect attachment for when you have cut logs and need to make firewood quickly and easily. It is equipped with two handed operation for increased safety.

  • Ripper

    With the ripper attachment it’s easy and effortless to remove roots as well as rocks from even hard packed ground.

  • Stump Grinder

    Avant stump grinder is an efficient and easy to operate tree stump remover.

  • Timber Grab with Rotator

    Timber grab is an attachment that allows you to grab tree trunks, branches, wood waste, kerb stones etc.

  • Tree Shear

    Avant tree shear is an efficient and useful tree cutter, intended for forest thinning, tree clearance and similar jobs where smaller trees need to be cut.

  • Winch

    Avant hydraulic winch enables towing of all kinds of objects (e.g. logs, poles, boats) from places where you cannot drive with the machine.