Road Sweeper Hire

Road sweepers are the ideal machinery for keeping public areas and worksites clean. They are designed to move dust and clear debris, be it stones, leaves, or gravel. This machine plays a significant role in any civil contracting or road working job.

At Glenbrook, we provide road sweeper hire services for projects of all sizes. Glenbrook’s Machinery’s Road Sweepers are late model machines perfect for those jobs where keeping sealed areas clear of debris is essential. Short and long-term hire is available.

Our road sweeper machines are maintained by our experienced team of mechanics and technicians.

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  • Kubota B3150 Road Sweeper

    Kubota B3150 Road Sweeper

    The Kubota B3150 road sweeper features the same renowned performance as the rest of the Kubota B series. This model features unique broom technology, designed for efficiency and portability. The sweeper is compact yet powerful, with a strong mechanism that can get any job done, big or small.