Plate Compactor Hire

A plate compactor will make any compacting job easier. Suitable for work on sand, soil, and gravel. Compacting is hard work but an unavoidable step in creating pathways, driveways, and other construction projects. Whether you’re under the pump or want to do the best job possible, a plate compactor will save you time, money, and headaches.

At Glenbrook, we don’t settle for anything less than the best brands and models available on the market. Our selection of Mikasa forward compactors and Weber MT Reversible Compactors are the perfect machines for all your compacting needs.

Used to compact all sorts of surfaces, these machines are easy to control and ideal for confined areas, slopes, and other tricky spaces. With mounted wheels, they are easy for a single person to operate. Fold-down handles mean it will fit in the boot of most cars for convenient transport.

A reverse plate compactor provides you with the same cutting-edge design and hassle-free performance as a forward compactor, but with the added benefit of going in reverse. This feature gives you greater manoeuvrability, which is especially useful for larger construction projects that cover a wide area.

For the best results on your next surfacing project, browse our extensive range below and hire a plate compactor today.

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