Wheel Loader Hire

Compact loaders are a popular machinery choice for construction sites, landscaping, farming, and tree felling jobs due to their excellent reach and versatility with minimal weight and ground pressure.

At Glenbrook Machinery, we have a range of telescopic wheel loaders for hire from leading brands including Avant and Schaffer. These European machines can be relied on to get your tasks done with ease and come in different sizes to meet your needs.

Perfect for smaller jobs or getting into narrow areas, the Avant 600 Series Mini Loader for hire has an 1100kg lift capacity and height of 2.8m. For slightly increased capability, we also offer the Avant 745 loader which offers 1400kg lift and 3m height options.

Our range of Schaffer loaders have spectacular performance capabilities, with the Schaffer 2550 Loader offering up to 2800kg lift capacity and a 1.6m wide bucket. No need to put off your difficult jobs, our truck loaders for hire have you sorted no matter the terrain!

Glenbrook loaders for hire come with either a bucket or forks and can be fitted with many other attachments. Our team of mechanics carry out regular checks on our equipment so your truck loader will always arrive ready to get the job done.

Browse our construction hire range today to get all the equipment needed for your site including rough terrain forklifts, telehandlers, dumpers, and more!

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  • 2.0 Ton Multi-Purpose Loader

    2.0 Ton Multi-Purpose Loader

    The Loader comes with a GP Bucket, 4n1 Bucket, Forks, or a Grapple. Telescopic Boom and Self Levelling. Trailer able. Leaves minimal ground damage.

  • 2.5 Ton Multi-Purpose Loader

    2.5 Ton Multi-Purpose Loader

    The 2.5 Ton Loader is trailer able and leaves minimal ground damage. Comes with a GP Bucket, 4n1 Bucket, Forks, or a Grapple. Telescopic Boom and Self Levelling.

  • 3.0 Ton Multi- Purpose Loader

    3.0 Ton Multi- Purpose Loader

    This mid-size Loader comes with Telescopic Boom and Self Levelling sytems. Like the 2.0 and 2.5 ton it has a GP Bucket, 4n1 Bucket, Forks, or a Grapple. Trailer able and does limited ground damage.

  • 6.0 Ton Wheel Loader

    6.0 Ton Wheel Loader

    The Case 221F Loader comes with a 1m3 GP Bucket and Forks. Hydraulic Quick Hitch and Air Con Cabin.

  • 8.5 Ton Backhoe Loader

    8.5 Ton Backhoe Loader

    The Case 770 EX Magnum Backhoe Loader comes with a 1.1m3 4n1 Bucket on the front and a fully integrated Backhoe on the rear. 40 km/h road speed. 4WD. Air Con cabin.