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Mobile Lighting Tower Hire

When you need powerful outdoor illumination where headlights and flashlights won’t cut it, enquire about Glenbrook Machinery’s lighting tower hire and generator hire services. We guarantee the quality, affordability, and reliability of all our equipment, helping you get your job done on time and within budget.

Construction sites need high-quality lighting whenever work is being done during the day or throughout the night. This keeps workers safe from potential hazards, improves productivity, and reduces workmanship errors. If your construction project requires long overnight hours, don’t hesitate to enquire about our generator hire and mobile lighting tower hire; an easy way to get the lighting you need without the hassle and cost of making an upfront equipment purchase.

These versatile machines can provide wide-ranging high-powered floodlights offering up to 4200sqm of illumination. In-built generators provide the power for 200 hours of lighting and more on one tank of gas, giving you reliability during your project, whether it is commercial or residential. Relatively small, these towers won’t take up too much space on your worksite and are easily moveable so that you can have flexibility with worksite organisation.

We take care of our hired machinery with regular inspections and services so that you can be certain of the quality of the generator & lighting tower hire you are receiving. Get your job done on budget and on time by avoiding unnecessary equipment breakdowns. We only run with the top industry brands that optimise fuel efficiency and noise reduction as well as equipment compatibility. We have special rates for long-term hire, so enquire today on how our services can be tailored to suit your needs.

You can find the machinery below available from our Mt Wellington site in Auckland.

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  • 9 Meter Lighting Tower hire

    9 Meter Trime Lighting Tower

    We have a range of powerful and versatile diesel lighting towers which have a reach of 9 meters and 6x160W floodlights offering 4200sqm of illumination.