Flexibility to deliver better service faster

AUSA – Tom Ryan Cartage – Alan Spilhaus

Tom Ryan Cartage provide transport solutions in the Auckland area with over 100 trucks and units. They have added four AUSA Forklifts 150 to their fleet over the last few years, mostly rear mounted onto 40-foot semi-trailers, and all four are currently operating and delivering blocks and roofing tiles and other building materials around Auckland.

Prior to the AUSA 150, they used two John Deere truck-mounted tractor units with forklift attachments at the rear, for delivery of things like blocks and masonry products to site but found the AUSA provides more versatility and greater service offering for their customers. There are definitely jobs where the AUSA will slam through a number of pallets far faster than their previous equipment ever would plus on tricky and tight sites where the trucks don’t gain access, the AUSA’s are their preferred solution.

The AUSA is able to handle most sites, especially very tricky building sites with undulating terrain and soft soils and because of its size, the AUSA is perfect for handling their residential deliveries too. The AUSA is particularly effective on sites when they can only fit one pallet down the side of a house, as infill housing in Auckland has made it difficult to get to certain areas. The AUSA is very manoeuvrable and a lot of their customers ask for them by name, as they are narrower than what other competitors have available and offer a quieter solution for clients too.

For Glenbrook, it is important that our customers have the right tools when they need them, so when Tom Ryan Cartage have a tight deadline for a machine, we’ve been able to provide a rental to minimise hassle so they can get their AUSA truck mounted forklifts back on the road and operational so Alan and his team can focus on what’s important to them – getting out there working and doing deliveries.

Glenbrook do the servicing on their AUSA’s as well. General Manager, Alan Spilhaus says,

“We’ve never had any issues, and everything gets done efficiently and we get to get back on the road quickly and earning again. On occasion when we’ve needed loan machines, they’ve been very forthcoming with that too.”

The AUSA Forklifts get the job done. For manoeuvrability, flexibility, ease of use and comfort there is no better machine on the market. With a wide variety to choose from, whatever it is you do, you too can benefit from an AUSA forklift.